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Blast Processor are an independent creative app company based in Brighton, UK. We produce apps, games and everything in-between for broadcasters, brands and publishers.



Whether you're a tourist, student or just wanna be part of the incrowd, HipMap is your handy pocket street radar that guides you to the hippest places in town.

Coffee shops, pubs, clubs, restaurants, boutiques, hotels, hairdressers or tattoo parlours. HipMap will show you the way and reward you with exclusive trendsetting deals.


Colour Chameleon

A colour theory based puzzle-arcade game that requires quick thinking and super fast reflexes.

Take on the role of a lone, brave chameleon as you defend your nest from an invasion of creepy crawlies. Wake the sleepy glow worms to change colour and use your long, sticky tongue to munch bugs right out of the sky!

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What we do


At Blast Processor we strive to deliver engaging, innovative and entertaining design solutions to all of our clients. We specialise in concept development, project management, user interface design and programming across a range of markets including gaming, retail, entertainment and publishing.

Our mission is to design and develop the best mobile applications by focusing on creativity, usability and functionality.


We conceptualise ideas that engage, entertain and inspire. We work closely with our clients to develop original, personalised and creative content for a variety of brands and products.


We design innovative, enjoyable and intuitive user interfaces. We solve problems through constant iteration and testing to ensure that we always deliver the best experience to the end user.


We're experts in the latest front-end technologies and are always exploring new ways to optimise and improve the functionality of our products.

Who we are

Blast Processor are a team built around a shared passion for design and creative technology. Our combined talents and experience means we are able to work collaboratively on every stage of a project, leading to a confident work environment that delivers quality and innovation.


Pete Hall

Technical Director

With many years experience in senior development roles, Pete has designed, built and maintained scalable systems with millions of monthly visitors. His passion for interactive games and applications has allowed him to leverage his technical knowledge and apply it to create highly entertaining products. Pete's experience with numerous programming languages, APIs and Frameworks, enable us to suggest the most suitable solutions to deliver the project on time and on budget.


Tom Picken

User Experience Director

With a background in QA, communication design and digital marketing; Tom's experience in user journey development, information architecture, user research and testing allows him to help our clients define and shape the best user focused experience for their digital products and services. He has a keen interest in interactive design and enjoys experimenting with unique gameplay concepts which have won UX design awards and been featured in Digital Arts magazine.


Bevan Stephens

Creative Director

An expert in user interface design, Bevan has a background in both classic graphic design and front-end technology, which he has used to create critically acclaimed designs across multiple platforms. He is passionate about typography and clear visual communication and over the years has worked with some of the biggest brands in the entertainment industry.

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